Major laser defender

Went through the course and added a few touches to polish the game including seemless transitions between scenes, changes in audio pitch changes and background parallax effects depending on which scene is presented, and a game play that ramps up after the first round of waves.

Had a lot of fun making this game.

Please enjoy:

Thanks @garypettie for teaching the course, I can tell you have a wealth of knowledge which you are sharing in this course. I have to admit that I got lost a few times while taking the course but I adjusted the code structure to fit my style to make more sense to me. I think that’s primarily due to a mixture of deep knowledge plus and having a complete vision of what you want to build, where that link is sometimes not there when students are taking the course, so it looks like we’re just making random components first then plugging them together afterwards.


Congratulations on your game🥳

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Added global highscore, shield, last hit redemption, more power ups, and difficulty scaling and random ways for enemy waypoints to change transform and be more unpredictable.

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