MAJOR bug when rendering my Shot_05 sequence

I don’t know what’s going on but I tried closing and restarting UE 4.24 (version I’m using for these lessons.)
My Shot_05 I created using the rail and a new cinecam actor just as the tutorial does. The sequence plays out just fine with no issues when pressing play in the sequencer; however, when rendering the sequence with the same settings as the tutorial, appx 4 seconds into the render, it jumps to a still shot from a camera I know not of. I just downloaded UE 4.24 three days ago 05/05/2023 and I can only believe it’s a corrupt installation or something…it makes no sense.

Ok - after a quick glance on YT, I clicked the “Camera Cuts” track and made sure the track covered the entire sequence from start to end (for whatever reason, it did not; I did change the length of the sequence to 10sec and in doing so, I don’t believe UE updates the track automatically, so it must be done manually.)

I’m really surprised at how tricky and buggy the sequencer is in this version of UE. I’ve already upgraded to 5.1.1, but used 4.24 to get as close to the instructor’s version as possible.

Use 4.27 or 5 to follow the course. There are differences but they are fairly minor.

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