Magnet attracts

Hi, as usual the project is getting complex! Especially when it starts with a simple idea. A magnet.
But, I like the experiment. Combing the things we have learned with new things, like working with force fields.

So this is my work in progress (WIP). The whole evening busy with a glossy / diffuse map. I stayed with Blender, but I had the urge to use PS.

See you.

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This is the first still of my up comming animation.
The background is simple Vonoroi, but I animated the colors.
You can animate nearly anything in Blender, so I tried.
I have put much effort into to the worn look-and-feel of the magnet.

One frame 5 minutes, 128 samples 800x600px, 250 frames … bummer. I need a render farm …

I aborted the animation halfway and to re-start it a next day. But something went wrong, the physics calculation was reset. Causing a real nasty hiccup in the animation flow. So I restarted the animation render sequence again.
But before that, I applied knowledge of past lessons :wink:
Because rendering one frame is a lot of time. I did a single test frame render with CPU/GPU. Surprisingly this time my GPU was faster. I did (as you all did) the test car render speed optimisation lessons. And the outcome was CPU was the fasted on my machine, so I kept that configuration as default. But now, a quick render test on specific scenes could change the approach. I went from nearly 5 minutes, to 1:35 :wink: … I applied also other optimizations.

The animation rendering has finished. I see there could be a lot of improvements. But the goal was to have objects (3 balls) and force fields (two in the magnet) interacting with each other.

  • I removed the original Vonoroi color animation, it was too distracting. I replaced it (quickly) with a ColorRamp, but it’s still a bit animated.
  • The animation is at 250 frames, but could be some frames longer. When the ball movements stops. I need to investigate this. Creating longer animation physics.
  • I now realized I could also put some Force fields in the the three balls. :frowning:
  • The bouncing ball at the beginning, isn’t bouncing naturally.

I think, curiosity still wins! “I wanna see it work”, in stead of think plan, prepare … But then where is the fun :wink:


Scene more difficult and complex than it seems

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