Magica Voxel project files (.vox)

Hi there,

I was wondering if the MagicaVoxel files used to create the Ballista model (or any of the other assets provided in this lecture) are available?

I’d like to extend the project by building a few other tower models in MagicaVoxel and would like to ensure consistency in size, color, etc for my custom models.


Hi Zeke,

Have you already tried to import the models into MagicaVoxel?

Hi Nina,

Yes I’ve tried to open the .obj files that are provided in the Unity package but MagicaVoxel will only open .vox files unfortunately. Does that answer your question?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @ZekeRage!
Unfortunately I don’t have the original .vox files anymore. However, this article might be able to help get the .obj files back into MagicaVoxel (I’ve not tested this, so let me know how it goes!):

Generally speaking, the meshes you get out of MagicaVoxel aren’t the greatest, so my models were exported and then cleaned up in Blender.

Scale-wise, you should be able to match the existing models pretty easily - just do some pixel counting. For example, the base tiles are 16x16x1 pixels.

Be sure to share pictures of your additional models when you’re done. I’d love to see them! (and you’re final game when it’s ready :slight_smile: )

Also, MagicaVoxel’s palette is just a png with colored pixels and should be available in the assets a a texture. You can just import that mage as a palette to match the colors

Thanks for sharing this! I’ll report my results.

Oh that’s a good point! Thanks for sharing that

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