Madness Turret

@Pablo_R, you really inspired me to try to make something that looks complex lol

While I was doing this I realized one thing… when you don’t think too much about “what” or “how” or “why” stuff flows more easily… Made what would be the cannon pretty fast…

When some idea of actually What is that you are doing… makes you think about “how” and “why”… and that was when the ideas ran out lol


That looks awesome, what is that cannon for?

I think you got locked in your “3d zone” :slight_smile:

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@capa14 I love the detail you put into this

Lloyd Risper


I bougth books from the flee market. Keith Thompson, robots.
He shows and explains in steps how to build a robot.

He does amazing stuff, just by drawing and painting. I was thinking to model something , but I have so many ideas and projects …

Examples, from an other book from him “Vehicles”

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Maybe we’ll never gonna know :smile:

Thanks! It was really fast to make all this with some Inset Individual and Alt+E Extrude Region Normal.

@FedPete thanks, will look at it later!

It is awesome!!!

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way cool capa, can’t wait to see it textured :slight_smile:

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Hahaha! Unwrap this thing would be “Madness”
I could try some procedural stuff though :wink:

@FedPete I’ll get this books and try to make some of his stuff, thanks for that!

@capa14 looks for me like a sci fi gun but from the SciFi novels of the 50’s, old school kind. I did read a lot of scifi books and has that feeling, not the actual scifi (books, games, etc.). Maybe that helps to put some context to it.

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Looks like I could repurpose this “Cannon” into an Engine :smirk:

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That will be a nice project

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Carefully, Disney might send their Princess Sqad after you

Decided to keep going and try some stuff…


SciFy, nice.

See video description for free assets packs.


Really nice. Love the shapes and details!

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Thanks :smile:

Working on the back of the turret now, a screen, some buttons, switches and levers :wink:

Back of the Turret update :smiley:

About the buttons…How did I make it look like it’s lit inside?
Nope there is not a light object inside.

Just for the LoL’s

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