Made It

Well, we finally made our game (me and the kids) and published to the AppStore.

We started well over 12 months ago and have gone through most of the courses here, from Ben, Rick and Mike
We have learnt to Unity and Blender (to a minimal degree).
There have been times when we haven’t touched it for a month. Times when we got bored and wanted to start something different, but then we remembered the mantra - Finish IT.

So we have, it’s not AAA but it a complete game and we are pleased to have completed it.

So to anyone going through these courses, stick with it. Seriously there are soooo many people developing on Unity, but the subset of people that publish is much smaller.
Maybe there should be a GameDev badge for published folk?

Anyway - the plug -
It’s called Swiperly and is available on the Apple AppStore.
There is a link here, and it’s free to play with purchase to use all levels and remove ads
welcome any comments and criticisms here.

Happy Xmas to all.

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