Made a shadow shader after watching u make bloom



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I don’t know why this isn’t getting more attention, its awesome! How does it interact with stuff like cliffs and the player?

@TheUnunheks can you please provide more details? I tried to create the same shader, however when I apply it as a material to a tree, the sprite disappears… Thank you!

It works with a player because the shadow is on the same layer as player, but i didnt test the cliffs. But most likely it work work with them.


I made the shadows a bit better and connected them to day/night cycle they also work with animated sprites buy you need a script that changes the shadow sprite when an object changes sprite for example running animation. This still has a bug that i didnt fix yet and its that if the parent sprite for example tree is not being renderer then shadow also doesnt render. The shadow has its own sprite renderer and we connect the sprite of the tree for example so each object in scene has 2 sprite renderers. I change the rotation of the material in day/night script so that every shadow moves acrodingly.

@TheUnunheks Thank you! I really appreciate it!

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