Made a second game!

Hey guys ! :smiley:

I would like to ask for your help and show you my two games I’ve publish to the google play store, but before that, I want to say to those who are starting with unity, that the long and sometimes tedious times learning the engine, it really pays off in the end :smiley: So keep doing it !

My first game is called “Poke It” and it’s more of a relaxing game. It’s based on the famous game “aa” but, in my opinion, improved !

Poke It

My second game is harder and fast paced ! It’s called “Speed Void”. Just dodge the obstacles… if you can !

Speed Void

If any of you could try them out (or just the one you’d rather play the most ! Both have video preview) and leave an honest rating, I would be VEEERY grateful :smiley:

Cheers !!

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