Made a mistake dissolving geometry


While dissolving the geometry, I made a mistake and by accident deleted a small edge as shown in the image. Is there a way to add that one back at exactly the same location where it should be (without using CTRL+Z)?



If the vertex is gone on that long edge. then it becomes difficult.

I do not know if you have a mirror active?
But you could delete the bad half and mirror the correct one.


If you have a mirror active.
Apply mirror.
split the long edges in two (to get the extra vertice).
Select this new vertex and the to-be-connected one.
(two vertices selected), press ā€˜jā€™ and an edge is created. Making one face into the faces.
But your top edge is not exactly a circle.
Because of the newly created vertice.
Select this edge loop and use MESH > TRANSFORM > To SPHERE
To make it round again.

You can then delete half the object and implement the mirror modifier.

Lots of handling, but that is part of 3D modeling. know you tools, learn the process.

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Got it, thanks!