Mad Cow

I’m attempting to create a funny, mad cow head. Below you see a first draft / concept.

But creating a mesh of a cow and making it funny and mad, is a second problem. Yeah, rolling with the eyes. But what could be funny? Any ideas?

The fur is also a quick test. I was curious. But a need a more cartoon-ish look.


Looking good so far! Perhaps a bell round its neck or a nose ring?

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Busy with dramatic lighting. Still WIP - Work In Progress.

I think the irises must be smaller, …
It’s difficult.


With regards to being funny, I was already chuckling look at the first version, the second looks slightly less comical to me, although the tongue and the piercing do give it a sense of humour. I think you are right with regards to the eyes Pete, and perhaps that’s why I found that second one slightly less funny, looks angry, like I’ve just walked into it’s field, eaten it’s hay and step in it’s prize cow pat :slight_smile:

How about a straw hat, off to one side, with a single piece of straw poking out of its mouth - typical farmer stereotype. Multiple piercings along the edge of one of it’s ears. Long eye lashes.

In all accounts, nice work and thanks for sharing, had a nice chuckle with the fluffy looking one :slight_smile:

The straw’s a good idea haha role-reversal! It’s looking really good :slight_smile:

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The next step in render evolution. I was creating a angry cow in stead of a mad cow, with the previous set-up.
Red eyes, sharp lighting. So I changed it and added a daisy and hairs. Just to see the effects.

I find this still a difficult process, Using Blender cycles I find myself struggling to make it not too realistic. Trying to emphasize the ‘mad’ aspects of the cow. I think the nostrils can be much bigger.

But I’m having fun and still learning. Any comments welcome!

Keep rendering.


Nice work Pete.

I too could image this lady with lager nostrils. What about the pupils in the eyes, having them not pointing in the same direction? Droopy eye lids? Kinda softer eyes, at the moment she looks angry, underatably so perhaps… Hehe…

Maybe a slightly more opened mouth, but again not symmetrical, one side a bit more open than the other allowing for the floppy tongue.

Just some thoughts that rattled off the top of my head… Easy to sit here and suggest knowing I am not the one doing the work… :wink:

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Hi there, this is my final Cow Composition. I have a lot of other ideas, maybe I do an other project on this cow mesh. Thanks for the ideas and support on this thread.

See also Smoked Beef


And here some dumps of the Cow Composition process.

Be inspired and keep rendering.


lol… this looks fantastic, really nice work Pete - I really think you have captured the mad cow in this work. The humour on the ear piercing made me chuckle too. Such lovely features, the tongue, daisy, hairs on the nose and ears… fab! :slight_smile:

I have been moooo-ved by your work :wink:

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I wish I was good enough to make amazing things like you do ! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! Some 3D compositions can be a bit intimidating, I know (this isn’t one of them :wink: ). Questions like, how did they do this, so much work, etc.
But I just followed the Blender 3D course. Learning modelling, using texture painting, set-up lighting, creating materials. Getting inspiration from others and try to keep it simple.
Just follow you own path. Pick a project and say for your self, now I am going to work only on modelling, or lighting, or composition. Save your work and try to go for re-use of objects. Then you can make more complex scenery by re-using old projects.

Keep motivated and happy rendering.


Since we are talking about the composition, which is a dark forest for me, I managed to find something useful, all this is applicable in 3D, although at the beginning it’s simple to use simple forms, but there is a sense in it)
FedPete understands this ) :+1:

I apologize for offtop, but I also wanted to share this link here.
(they are free, but they have absorbed so much of everything, in fact, this is a library for inspirations, some solutions, if not to go into details, then almost all of this can be done in a blender)

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