Machine Build Question

I hope this is an appropriate place to ask. I’m building a new machine for Unreal Development. What should i prioritize in terms of memory and CPU core count. For example, is there benefit in investing in a thread ripper with 24 cores over 16 cores?

thanks so much!

For anyone who needs an answer to this.

Unreal is very CPU heavy when building Lighting Especially, but also when doing builds in general. Visual Studio can be CPU heavy as well if you are doing C++ projects. I got a 16core 3950X with a RTX 2070 and 80 GB of RAM, and its way good enough.

Hindsight, the memory was over kill…I only needed 32GB at most but because i like to run Kerbal Space program in the background I thought more is better. Getting a high core CPU was def the right move, i see all those 32 lit at 100% usage all the time. I have yet to see my GPU under pressure, but you def want at least a RTX 2060 just to future proof your build.

I hope this helps anyone looking for this info.

EDIT: Definitely use an SSD for Unreal Engine (Install) and your Project files. I have 2 PCIE4 Sabrent 1TB, one for OS and App installs (Inc UE) and the other for project files and content. 2nd drive is at 53%.


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