MacBook Pro CUDA vs OpenCL

I installed the CUDA driver and yes, now see the CUDA option that I didn’t before. However… I also see the OpenCL option next to it. When clicking between the two I see that CUDA displays a GeForce GT 750M option, but, it says “(Display)” next to it, while OpenCL display this same, MINUS the (display) bit AND Iris Pro.

So… which should I use? You make it sound like I shouldn’t install CUDA if I have the OpenCL.

A little side note here: When I set Cycles to OpenCL it goes into a “loading” phase and tells me “Loading render kernels (may take a few minutes the first time)”. Not sure what their definition of a few minutes is but I went out and walked the dogs, made lunch, puttered around and it was in the same state. I tried to Cancel but nothing happened. The “Application Not Responding” displayed in the icon pop up when I went to check. It works fin in CUDA. Obviously for me now CUDA is the no brainer choice, but… if anyone knows what’s going on with my OpenCL setting, let me know. I feel like its worked before and I may have screwed with some setting.

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