MacBook for VS code, can't change to Command Prompt...Help

I’m on Lesson 15 trying to run the:

Int main()
return 0;

function, and when I open the terminal it looks nothing like the tutorial does. Then when I go (terminal -> Run active file ) It gives an error. (shown below).
If I click any other of the Run options in Terminal menu it says “Tasks are only available on a workspace folder.”

I think it’s not running properly because it says “zsh” and not “cmd” but I can’t change that either.

I’m very new, and it’s not clarified or making any sense. I also want to know do you NEED VS code for Unreal Engine? Or can all this be done on Xcode?

You’re trying to compile a file and produce the output to the same file.

g++ triplex.cpp

This tells GCC to compile the file triplex.cpp

-o triplex

This telss GCC to name the output file “triplex” (note the lack of .cpp). Then to execute the program


Again note the lack of .cpp.


This is all very new to me. And the terminology is difficult to understand.

How would I fix this issue then?

So when I’m saving it do I pick one of these options below?

Because mine is on “All Files” I tried C++ but the same things were happening.

If I’m familiar with XCode do I need to use VS Code at all for Unreal Engine?

Or would I not be able to follow along the tutorials?


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