Mac Hardware for Unreal Engine Development

Hi there, I’m currently developing my own mobile game for IOS using Unreal Engine 5.1. I am developing on my Windows 11 PC. However, there are parts of the process where MACOS is needed (i.e. setting up things like Game Center features, accessing iPhone features etc). This is problematic for me because I do not currently own a MacBook or and iMac etc. I am unsure of the specs that I would need if I was to buy a mac, perhaps a m2 with 8gb of RAM, would that be enough? My question is does anyone know anything about the process of mobile games for IOS, and what the best way to navigate this situation that I am in? Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the community.

I’m not exactly sure what you need but I do know that if you ask this on the discord there will be people who answer for you.

I know that’s not an answer but I don’t think anyone on the team uses macs and we haven’t gotten involved in Unreal for mobile devices because it is complex.

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