Mac Cannot import Laser Particle Materials


I am having an issue when I try to download the provided resource and then import it, all of the subfolders have nonsensical names, and if i try to click on an asset it says it cannot be downloaded because the app cannot be recognized.

It looks like based on the video if you are in windows it should just be an easy download and drag, but unfortuantely for mac that does not seem to be the case and I have run out of ideas on how to resolve this. Below is a photo of what it looks like so you can see what I man.

Has this happened to anyone else? All i did was download the resource on the resources tab so I dont believe I did anything out of the ordinary here, thanks!

Hey @Steve_Rector - please use this solution Importing Particle Effect (from Lecture 91) - #2 by mihaivladan

That did the trick! thanks a ton for the quick response!

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