M3xx - A typical day in a mech's life

Sorry. The circle-cam just didn’t get the right perspective, but it sure is a good tool.
While creating this I learned an important thing (of course I’ve learned more than just one thing, you get the idea)… we need more mechs here in this section, for sure! :grin:


Haha it’s funny how you make the RoBlock appear like that. Technically it doesn’t make sense, but it’s fun, and the other robot’s reaction is perfect. Nice animation!


Thank you for the feed back :slight_smile:
I agree, it doesn’t make sense; at first I wanted it to appear this way, but with laserbeams which build it up from the ground. I worked with some tutorials, but couldn#t make it out. The mech should have been the one who made the RoBlock appear, but because I could not make it out exactly I decided to let the mech wonder about it instead.

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