Lunar Miner - My Tilevania Game!

I decided to add some new mechanics to make a space themed survival game.


I’m seriously impressed. Your game is both fun and challenging. What else do I like about it?

  1. I like the arcade-style level design

  2. I like how you have essentially created your own unique game with all the different sprites, music and SFX.

  3. I like the difficulty curve (how it starts off easy and gradually gets harder). First try, I completed the game with 35 deaths.

Have you learned how to do a parallax effect yet? I think that would look really good with your space background. I think you will learn how to do that properly later in your course, but a really simple way to do that would be to make the background image a child of the camera and making sure that the “z” value of the child’s transform is positive so that it sits in front of the camera and the camera picks it up. Provided that the “order in layer” and the sorting layer are the same, it should appear correctly.

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Really good game. I found lots to like. Well done

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Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the difficulty, I really struggled on balancing. The difficulty curve on the first version was too high. I only know what parallax effect means but don’t know how to implement it yet, although your simple version seems easy to implement. I will definitely use it on my next projects.

I was thinking to myself that if feels well balanced so you must have done a good job.

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