LowPoly Chess Lighting

I do believe many other student’s chess sets are much nicer than mine, but I made choices like to keep it very simple, so that’s to be expected.


It is not about who has the best chessboard. But it is the learning process!
And you have a nice correct chess set.

Don’t forget that some of us have more knowledge when starting these courses.
So these spend extra time on texturing etc. at an earlier level.
But all aspects of upgrading this chessboard will be explained in the next lessons!

Just show your progress. If in trouble do ask. Even ask how to do advanced things if you have the need for it.


That is fine progress in the chess set.

As FedPete says several here have done this course years ago in the 2.7 version of Blender so do not be deterred by fancier versions the playing field is not level! However those of us here that do have longer experience can inspire you with what you can get to in time and practice. Plus various help and advice comes too!


Thanks for the encouragement, friends. :star_struck:

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