Lowish Poly House, Pagoda + Pond + Cherry blossom tree and a Waterfall!

Hello Everyone,

Just finished doing the low poly house. I don’t know if it’s still low poly but I had a great time making it and trying new things.

I’d done some low poly tutorials on Youtube before I found gamedev.tv so I wanted to try something new for this tutorial to push myself.

Not for beginners, but if people are curious, I started with trying to use the particle system for the leaves on the tree. I used a dust particle system for the pink dots in the air. Lastly I really wanted an active waterfall coming from my island. So, I watched a few videos and learned the basics of Flip Fluid. Turned out amazing but still a little advanced for me so I’ll probably come back to that later. Before this project I’d never tried particles or any simulations so I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Ultimately great tutorial with a lot of ways to test your creativity.

also here’s the reference I used for the house design.



This is phenomenal !


I love this so much!


Brilliantly done.

Great waterfall, I have never looked at water sims.
Very nice oriental themed island.

There is an built in tree generator that will add leaves too called ‘Sapling’ just needs activating. Takes some getting used to but if going for full proper leaves it may be worth a look next time.

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I’m liking the second render’s waterfall a little better, perhaps because of the direction it’s flowing in. I’m not sure, but that direction seems to flow more naturally than in the first render.

I’ve also played with the Sapling add-on, though not for any of the classes I’ve taken here. I just thought it would be fun to play with because I hadn’t ever thought I’d be able to create a decent tree. :slight_smile:

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This looks fantastic! It’s really pretty :smile: Well done!

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