Low Poly vs Optimized Poly?

I personally like all styles, but one thing that impressed me many years ago with the game of Gears of War 1, was to see that the polygons of the armor they used were not really High Poly but the textures applied were of a High Poly model.
This gave the sensation of incredible quality and with fairly simple polygons.

Something that I would really love to learn would be the application of these techniques to obtain detailed objects, but in models with few polygons.

I think that in order to use low poly it must fit with the style of play but personally I prefer to think of complex models with an optimization in polygons and that can visually seem of better quality.


This can be achieved by using the Multi-res modifier. Where low poly and high poly are combined to make all sorts of per-rendered maps (baking, baked). Highlites, light, normal …
These maps are then used on the low poly.

This will be explained in this course. Be patient or study on your own and look for baking, multires, normal maps.

Have fun.

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Can also be done baking from a high poly model to a low poly model(optimized) without using multires too.
In the bake settings you select the checkbox “selected to active”.
This is mostly used in a sculpt and retopo workflow.
It’s taught down the road of the course.


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