Low Poly Terrain - Nebulus Collector project

Hey Guys,

Just want to share some current work progress on my level design for Argon Assault part.
I created some low poly spaceship in blender (I was on vacation and I took a week break after finishing project boost, I spend this time learning basics of Blender after that I created those spaceships):

Since spaceships are low poly I started to think about creating low poly terrain for this project. First part of day I spend on creating map layout prototype using terrain as a very usefull tool:

And here is a result:

After that I exported terrain as .obj file using script found in internet, than I used blender to decimate terrain polygons and UV painted terrain.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


I Think You Are On A track Which Is In Right Of Right Track :laughing:
Well Done!


Looks really good. How long have you been designing? Where those ships your own models or where they are part of the pack they gave us?

It took me one day to create this terrain and another few hours to put some colors on it :slight_smile:
Those ships are my own models :slight_smile:

Nice, how long have you been modeling? Those look like you know what your doing and have been doing it a while.
How many waypoints did you put in your circuit?
Lastly how did you get the camera to slow down for all those strafes?
This is very impressive!

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