Low poly T-rex

I’m a little bit of a Dino nut, but I followed along with the provided orthographics for the first part of the section because I wanted to focus on learning the tools and skills being presented. But after Grant suggested looking for reference, I pulled up a scale profile and replaced one of my reference images and scaled it up so the meter markings in the image matched my y view grid, and changed the shape of the dinosaur to match that.

Too much fiddling about, but I love her.


Very good to see some care to make a correct dinosaur. It looks very good so far.


Looking good, try to learn the basic steps, explained in the course.
Before adding too much work and details to it.
With more Blender knowledge, you can manage things better (improve workflow).

Have fun!

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Thanks! That’s a really good thing to remember.

I didn’t make this modification until after the model of the Dino was finished for exactly that reason. I wanted to focus on the tools and techniques in the lesson before I worried about scientific anatomy. It is way too easy and fun to get caught up in the details and lose track of the bigger picture!


Really nice workflow :clap:t5: :heart:

Nice! Mine might look more like Barney :smiley:

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