Low Poly Lighthouse - Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners

Pushed myself out my comfort zone by not doing a carbon copy of the tutorial, needed to do this to improve my confidence with blender and help retain the knowledge better. Enjoyed the whole process of the low poly modelling, sculpting is something I will need to practice more to wrap my head round it, it just felt so strange.

e to me.


Wow! This is phenomenal! @Grant_Abbitt and @XtremeJam87 check this out!


Excellent work :clap:

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Nicely done extras and details above and beyond the course content. Such a blaze of light all ships are safe for miles around!

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Thank you much appreciated. No energy crisis on my island or energy saving bulbs come to think of it.


you just made me realize how to make windows :smiley:

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I was just about to post a pic of my by-the-numbers island but this one dissuaded me. It looks so nice! Makes me want to try harder :slight_smile:

To anyone feeling dissuaded from posting their work, don’t be. It’s one thing being inspired, but another thing if you feel discouraged and getting too sidetracked. It’s OK to go at your pace and at your current mastery.

I see comments like that here and there, but let’s not forget everyone of us are at different levels. Most of us start with complete blender course first without having much sense of the tools, some have been following various tutorials on YouTube or other such resources for months and have a better foundation, and Brlee75 specifically seemed to have taken the low poly modeling course prior to doing this, so they likely they are much ahead of a beginner learning the tools at this stage.

In fact, having finished my modular dungeon and dino scene, I’m a lot more familiar with the tools now that I can do the lighthouse scene much better. I’m starting off with complete blender course first, no prior experience modeling and never was able to follow any tutorials from YouTube as blender relies heavily on shortcut keys to do stuff efficiently. The stuff I posted so far has a distinct aesthetic to it though I never strayed too far from the course scope. That’s because I have a background as a graphic designer and have worked with vector tools like Adobe Illustrator and all of these things, little things here and little things there, puts us all at different starting points.

So, no point comparing and feeling dissuaded to post your stuff.


Yes I wanted to add windows from the start of the project, bit trial and error but got there in the end. Plus who wants to live in a house with no windows :grin:

Sorry for the late reply.

You should definitely post your pictures, that’s half the fun. Its a good record of your progress and I always love looking at other peoples creations.

Just some quick background, I’ve been learning blender for over two years now, but I went about it the wrong way, jumping from one tutorial to the next and I got really good at following the step by step instructions they gave me to finish a project.

But… if somebody asked me to model a mug, fruit bowl or simple house I couldn’t, my mind would go blank and have no clue and I automatically wanted to go on YouTube for a guide, all because I never took the time to actually learn the basics and get a good foundation of basic modelling.

That’s why I’m here doing this course, I will follow Grants video and produce a similar image to his (a lot of people posted better results than mine I might add) then I will make myself produce a second version with changes and try to make it my own, all with what I just learned.

My Lighthouse project took 2 weeks to make if I remember correctly. I work really slow in blender, and made lots of mistakes before I got to the point I was happy and brave enough to post it.

Like Voxelette posted, don’t let other peoples work put you off posting yours, all we see is a great bit of work, but have no idea how much experience or hours the creator sank into making it.

Keep on Blending everybody.


It only dissuaded me from posting the ‘paint by numbers’ version, i went a bit further :slight_smile:

Also @Brlee75 :slight_smile:

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