Low Poly Landscapes in two versions

It’s always hard for me to repeat someone else’s work exactly. But I liked working according to the instructions. This was my first course on this site.

In parallel, I was making another island, inspired by the spirit of Christmas (this happened in December). I don’t know why Christmas turned out to be cupcake and gingerbread for me :laughing:


The house on the top looks very mystical, and like something you would see in a fantasy movie, it’s just that good

I also love the cupcake, reminds me of something I would see in Candy Crush!

Love it!

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Thank You!
During my work, I kept thinking about drow and dwarves. So this is a underground flying island :joy:

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Well that works too! Some of the best blender models I’ve seen, seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cupcake has a good bargain in the blender weekly challenge!

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Two good islands.
Funky colours on the course one!

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