Low Poly Fantasy Dream Land

I spent waaaay too much time on this. I started by making a terrain with a hole for the lake and a path for the river. I really wanted to make it low poly so i ended up looking on some youtube tutorial and found a script that allows me to export a terrain as a .obj file. I put it in blender(which I have never used before) and with some help from the internet and managed to turn the terrain into a low poly object, then I spent 2 hours figuring out how to model a volcano. I found some shaders on the assetstore and used them for the water and lava. Anyway, enough talk, here it is:


Looks awesome. Always love a low poly look!

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Amazing work! I bet you learned a much! Nothing beats building assets on your own!

Looks amazing, I also plan to make this project in low poly style, good choice and good job :slight_smile:

I really like your volcano.

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