Low Poly Dinos final

I finished my first render and then decided to have some fun. I feel like my lighting is kinda lacking as I find it awkward to use, but hopefully, with practice, I’ll get used to it. Also, to manipulate the pose of the dinos, I had to apply the modifier (saved a spare). Then used the proportional editing to make the body “move/curve” more naturally.


If you look up some basic bones rigging you can get your models posed without needing to apply your modifiers and without needing to go into edit mode which changes the base model.

I love the continuation you did for this project, great work and thank you for sharing!


I didn’t even consider rigging as an option :sweat_smile: , but that makes sense. Thank you for the advice and the kind words. You’re a star! :star2:


You probably already know this, but I thought I’d mention that by the time you finish this course, you’ll have everything you need to come back and rig + pose these. I think that would be pretty awesome, not least because it’s nice to see poses that are different from the course content =)

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Great minds think alike :joy: . I did notice a rigging section in this course, so I will return to my dinos later to properly pose them. ( unless I forget :astonished:). Thank you for the message, it was a nice confidence boost. Also, I’ll make sure to share the improved scene when done. Hope to hear from you again :star_struck:


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