Low Poly Desk

My workspace in low poly style. Definitely not realistic as the cable managment is top notch :stuck_out_tongue:

Any feedback?


Is that screen the right proportions? Looks overly long to me. Might be that you have some fancy extra wide screen though.

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Good eye!

I have fancy widescreen screen, but not that wide :sweat_smile:. Though it’s about 7% difference in height.

After I posted this I did measure everything in comparison to my room. I was off with everything by a small amount. The 2nd most noticeable difference is the height of the desk (around 30cm off in the render from RL).

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Ah yes, the desk height. I could not get my knees under a desk that matched that my similar pc tower size. Needs a chair. :smiley:

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Ha! You set me up for my daily low-poly modelling practice* for tomorrow:

  • fix the proportions of things
  • add chair
  • and maybe add more detail from my room (I try to keep the practice <1h).

'* I try to build a new habit of doing daily 3D practice - starting with low poly modeling.

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Today’s outcome of low poly practice… Basically redone everything from scratch. Probably shouldn’t bother with modeling every key on the keyboard (and to scale this time :smiley:)

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