Low poly crocodile

Low poly crocodile
any advices to improve ?


Its pretty cool I like it.

Maybe use different colours of green, to give a shading effect and make those outlines stick out more.


what do you mean by outlines and thx

I mean, right now its all one shade of green so its hard to tell where one body part start and the other ends if you look at a croc reference for example, you will see different shades of green even yellow in the underbelly and around the joints.

this is just a suggestion to help define the croc more without adding more detail and to keep low poly.As always though its designers choice and go with what you like and makes your character feel good to you, thats the good thing about art it always done to the artists preference.


Nicely done.
You may not yet have done how to have different colours on different faces, UV unwrapping etc. But it will help later when you do.

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