Low Poly Chess set, with elevation!

Edit: Okay! I also saw that the pillars were not color-coordinated correctly so I had to go back and change that. Also messed around with the Key light and got these shadows on the wall which HAD to be shared. Whew. Creativity!

Woot! El-ev-ation!

So the first render was done in Cycles and I get the little static-y dots all around. It probably has to do with the lighting cause I changed it up from the other times I have had it set up. The second render was done using Eevee (I will never tire of thinking about the Pokemon when mentioning that).

Otherwise, I know there are some tweaks I could do here and there with the models; more detailing, more optimization. But the ideas are flowing through my head for other projects and I can not wait to dive into the others!

I am just surprised I got this far. I mean, this reminds me of the 3DO graphics from way back when.

Anyway, personal stuff out the way. Woohoo for more!


Blender is so much fun!


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