Low FPS when playing run animation with Background Images?

Hey there,

I just finished the lecture Attaching The Torch To The Rig and after reopening the project the next day, when I play the animation I get really low fps:


We did setup a background image sequence in the lectures before:

Once I remove the background image sequence of the camera and play without the background everything runs stable again. This really surprised me, given that my pc was playing the animation just fine even with the background images on the day before.

Things I tried:

  • Opening the Images in the movie clip editor and prefetching them all to cache it
  • Deleting the background image sequence and loading it back in again in the camera settings

Does anyone have an idea why?

Im running Blender 4.1 for this course.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: After playing the animation through a couple of times it seems to run more or less stable on 24fps. Is there a load background images into cache button somewhere i am missing?

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