Loved this lecture, but

Really disliked the speeding up bit. I understand why it is sometimes necessary but even at 0.5 speed it made it really difficult to follow and see exactly what was being done. Especially during the tiling section I’d like to have been able to follow along more closely and see the mechanics behind how to make it look as natural as was done in the lecture.


I agree. I am are sorry about that. I’ll pass on your feedback .

During this Lecture the sped up part is really just duplicating and rotating around the correct origin point.

Nothing that hasnt been shown before is being done in this lecture.
What you might find in the future if other students are reading this as its a bit dated now is if you are struggling you can adjust the speed on the video depending on where you are taknig the course on where this is.

The following section goes over things in more detail but this is to get you quickly making a colourful scene for your friends rather than showing them a basic block model but this also encourages you to push beyond the lectures and really make things your own.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: