Lots of Barrels

I am getting a weird UV map when I unwrap the barrel. I am at the 6-minute mark of the video… I tried each method on the unwrap command (Angle and Conformal). No joy.

I found a suggestion to unwrap using the Follow Active Quads (using the Length Average option). That worked.

What did I miss from the lesson?

FYI, I am using Blender 3.4, just in case that has a bearing on the problem.

Distorted UV

Corrected UV

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Do you have mutlple objects (copies) in the barrel mesh data.

  • Do a merge by distance …?

Just made a basic barrel and tried it and follow selected quads, length average works for me. I did make sure to select a mid barrel quad so it has less distortion to be ‘followed’.

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I was looking at the lower UV-map image. With those strange white artifacts at the bottom. Or is it just the texture?

Pretty sure it is the texture UV lines look fine.

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