Lost my progress due to hardrive faliure

Hello, Due to hard disc failure, i lost my testing grounds project. After trying to recreate it using the github link provided by Sam on every video, i built the project using unreal 4.15 but the project doesnt work, it shows lots of errors.

What errors? Did you reset to a previous commit?

Due to unavailability of proper internet connection, i made local commits and lost all my progress, is there a way to recreate the project from a working commit?

Unless I’m misunderstanding you cloned the courses repository from GitHub. Did you then reset to a commit for the lecture you’re on?

yes i did reset to a commit for the lecture i was on. But the project doesn’t build and asks me to rebuild from source manually.
But, on building the source manually i get close to 1011 errors in the code.

Then that would be the problem. You need to update the build files if you reset to a previous commit. The changes of which are in this commit


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