Loop gif, my lamp animation!

Hello, i’m pretty happy with the result, there’s the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZu8phr1WGg

It’s dark so we dont really see the ON/OFF button on te lamp, or the lamp’s power cable, but that’s okay !

(And it’s a short animation because i wanted it to be a gif and loopable, and there is the gif :
Lamp_Final3 (https://puu.sh/HvWs5/a776fb8afd.gif)

Tell me what do you think ! :smiley:


I love this so much!

I love how it looks like you are on the top of a building with other tall buildings. Make it feel alive.

Thanks for those kinds words, i tried to make this more realistic, and i’m glad you noticed that ! :slight_smile: