Loop cuts

It appears that using the shortcut [ctrl-r] allows you to use the mouse wheel to adjust the number of cuts, but if you click on the ‘Loop Cut’ button the mouse wheel still zooms in and out! This had me head scratching for a little while.

(Using V3.1.0 on Windows 10 64-bit.)

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Interesting, you mean wheeling the mouse wheel while holding it down as a button?
I dare say there may be the occasional use for that.


Ah, no, not quite… although I have ended up doing that on some systems, it’s very unwieldly and whenever possible gets remapped to different keystrokes!
What I’m talking about is the button that appears in the left column when you switch to edit mode. Clicking on that (graphical) button is supposed to be the same as typing [ctrl-r], but it seems to only half activate the loop cut mode. It’s an odd inconsistency, but I thought it was worth bringing it up.

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It’s normal Blender behavior because you’ve ended the ctrl r action or mode (adding loo cuts and adjusting them). Then switch to the properties (Loop cut and slide button bottom left). Which is Blender basic UI.

  • Always add a screenshot to the message (use main menu > window > save screenshot)

Ah, sorry it tends to be those with a Blender habit, virtually never use that ‘T’ toolbar. :grin:

Just tried it. It is altogether weird if used to the shortcuts. Click once then use the pop up panel for cut numbers I suppose. I hate that toolbar style of operation, that stays on the selected tool rather than defaults back to selection after a tool use.

So yes using that icon route to the loop cut the wheel still zooms and does not change the cuts. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Not sure why, but on my Mac is twas [Command-R], not [Cntr-R]

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