Loop Cut won't go all around - House wonkiness?

Hi! I’m trying to make a loop cut go all the way around as shown at 4:37 in the video. (I know there is a thread below about this but it is not helping!) My loop cut only goes partway up as shown in my screenshot. In my screenshot you’ll also see there’s a weird diagonal split down the center of the “roof” portion at the top center of the house, making it look like there’s two separate faces. I don’t know how that came up since I’ve been following everything exactly, and I don’t know if that has to do with my not being able to do the complete loop cut.

Help please??

Austin :slight_smile:


If a loop cut does not go all the way, then the way is blocked.
Loop cuts are only working on faces with only four vertices (called a quad face).
And the connecting edge must be connected to two faces (not a hidden third face).

If a face is connected to a face with three, five, or more, you are in trouble.
The loop cut can not continue. The loop cut can also not go further is no faces are connected.

  • I think your middle roof plane is the culprit. it looks range. maybe a triangle and a quad face on the same spot …?

  • Try to look for doubles (vertices on the same spot).

  • Also are all faces connected to each other?


I would think that middle roof plane is the culprit too. But…how exactly do I fix this? If you look at the wireframe screenshot I don’t see any lines to click. It’s just like there’s an invisible division there.

Whoa, OK, so that was cool, I just figured out that by clicking the Smooth tool and ever so slightly pulling it out, it got rid of that “dent” in the roof area. However, that still didn’t fix the loop cut problem. It still is not showing the yellow cut selection as cutting off midway through like in the earlier screenshot. I’m baffled because in wireframe I don’t see any issues. Unless smoothing it didn’t actually fix the problem?

That’s because quad faces are internally (before rendering) converted to triangles.
But are visible under certain angles.

When I look at your roof I see a grey gradient difference. I still believe you have face doubles. faces occupying the same spot. Which is normal Blender behavior, but still a user error.

open house in edit mode, select all vertices, with the a hotkey.
Then press hotkey m and select merge by distance.
Try to make the number bigger until some vertices are merged and your double face problem is gone.


This doesn’t seem to be fixing it unless I’m missing something. And I’m not sure what you mean by face doubles. In the wire frame I don’t see any extra faces or things, or way to grab hold of that thin diagonal line.

I tried doing (I think) what you said. First screenshot shows it before anything is merged (merge distance at 0.66 m), then what happens once I get to 0.67m.

Thank you!! :frowning:

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FedPete is completely right.
You have extra geometry.

On that second wireframe image you posted in edit face mode there is one face dot too many in the roof section. 8 faces to the roof, 9 dots.

It is also telling for a loop cut to stop. Extra geometry causes it.

If Merging by distance does not work then it probably means you have an extra face using the same verts by a different connection. You need to investigate where the rogue face is and delete it.

It may even be easier to delete all the middle range of faces and just rebuild them correctly if you can not work out where the errant face is.


Thank you guys!! I figured it out (with your help!!) :smiley:



An other trick I remember is to select a single vertex (point), then all the edges connected to the vertex should color orange at start and fading out outwards. If not there is an other vertex lurking around on the same spot.
Using the area selection tool you select the area of doubles, and see in the statistics area bottom, right the number of selected vertices.

Have fun with the course. Show us your progress.

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