Looks like Progrids is no longer supported

I was able to track it down and add it to Unity, but it looks like this video may be in need of an update. Not sure how to set up snap to grid in Unity and it seems like Progrids is no longer supported.

Hi Max,

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Which version of Unity do you use? And where did you read or hear that Progrids was not supported anymore? Did you click the button with the Y and the grid in the scene window?

Unity Version 2021.1.10f1 is the version I am using. Progrids is not on the Unity Asset store anymore. I had to follow some directions that I googled to be able to directly import it into Unity. When I finally did all that, it still said that Progrids was “Experimental”. The Progrids window did not automatically pop up and I had to track down how to open the Progrids window. Which I did after tinkering with it.

The process was not the same as what was shown in the video. I am sure that if I were to use an older version it probably would be. This was more of I think you should know that this could be an issue FYI. At this point I figured out my own workaround.


Absolutely. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I was just asking questions to ensure I understood the problem correctly. :slight_smile:

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