Looking to form a team with 2D artists on Unity

I wanted to put this out there for those who are interested. I’ve been going through some Unity tutorials on Lynda.com in addition to the Unity course on Udemy. I have several ideas for games, and I like them all, but I’d like to get a team together to brainstorm which game to make first, whether it’s one of the ideas brewing in my brain or one of yours. :slight_smile:

In addition to programming and developing in Unity, I am really interested in writing dialogue and composing music for games, but I don’t really have any artistic ability - hence the search for 2D artists. Plus the fact that this community includes taking the Blender course but doesn’t have a 2D art course in this community, I felt it was better to see who was taking the Unity course who had some artistic ability.

My idea is to form a team of no more than 5 people, and I thought it would be useful to break the art responsibilities down in the following ways:

I know I haven’t detailed any specific game idea here, that’s mainly because I feel they can be developed even better through the team brainstorming process. Coming from a CS background, I think we could benefit each other by doing paired programming where one team member can fill in the gaps in another team member’s programming and vice versa. I should say that I want to keep this based in the U.S., just because of dealing with different time zones and keeping the legalities as simple as possible without introducing international contract agreements into it. (Sorry, non-U.S. peeps - I know there’s some amazing talent out there!)

I’m also in the process of moving with my family right now, and I know we’re going into the holiday season, so I suspect all I’ll be able to get right now is some interest in the concept of working together and forming a studio together, and then we’ll probably get started after the first of the year. I just wanted to throw this out there to gauge some interest and get some initial brainstorming started. :slight_smile:


Hi hypnometal!
(cool name by the way)

I am from minnesota and have just started with the c# unity course. Quick background I am a freshman in highschool and I am 14 years old. I have just completed the number wizard game but I am progressing quickly. I have a background in c++ and understand fairly well the basics of programs. I am a quick learner so I should be able to grasp any new concepts quite well. I understand if you want a more experienced programmer but i have some artistic ability and like i said before, I can grasp new concepts pretty good :wink: I would love to work with someone who shares my interests and hope I can talk to you soon!

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I can help and looking to gain experience thanks. I am programmer and my art skill is beginner level

Thanks to both of you for replying! Do you have links to samples of your artwork?

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I’ve bean making digital paintings in Artrage Studio for six or seven years, And would love to draw some backdrops for your game! However, I would recommend using someone else for characters and buttons and things, because I’m still mastering that art (they always look pixels when I import them to unity for some reason). I also live in the United States.

Here are some samples of my art:

I did this one with a tutorial, so the credits not all mine. for more originality, I made a morning version:

I did’t upload some of my favorite paintings because I don’t want anyone to steal them.

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