Looking for talent for The Hero Saga

Looking for some extra talent to bring into a project I’m currently prototyping.

The Hero Saga is a collection of epics describing the heroic deeds of countless adventurers. Built upon Wizards of the Coast’s SRD5e rules used to create Dungeons and Dragons, this is a collective story telling game based on PnP tabletop RPGS, in the same vein as games such as Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Icewind Dale. As the GM, you collaborate with your party to unravel another chapter in the neverending Hero Saga, while adventurer-controlling players share the role that their hero plays in the saga.

Striving to be the truest-to-form adaptation of the d20 rule set, The Hero Saga will include features that allow the GM to:
–Create their own world in real time (in place!)
–Customize atmosphere in real time, including ambient light color, time of day, sun size, fog color, density and altitude (all in place!) and soon to include ambient sound
–Customize terrain in real time
–Custom item and NPC creation in real time!
–Much, much more!

While allowing adventurers to:
–Create a character to their specs, all within the allowances of SRD5!
-Openly explore the entire world created for them! (In progress!)
–Engage in traditional-to-its-roots, turn based, tactical combat!

Other features include:
–Cross between real time exploration and turn based combat.
–3rd person or isometric at the roll of a mouse wheel!
–Enough customization to create endless replayability!
–Stylized art style

Now, here’s the talent I’m looking for:

–Concept Artist/2d Artist:
This will be very important! The D&D versions of creatures and characters found in the Players Handbook, Monster Manual, etc. are protected under Product Identity, I need a concept artist to create new likenesses specific to The Hero Saga. As I have only a loose vision for our artistic style, you will have free roam to explore and help create the vision for our game! My only input will be to 1) approve the quality of the final product and 2) verify that our vision is unique and doesn’t infringe on WotC’s D&D product identity.
Other concepts will include decorative and environmental asset concepts (i.e. houses, fences, ruins, chests, foliage, etc. )

As a note, given our style and camera views, concept will not be required to be “high definition” or “realistic” in quality.

Must be familiar with 2d graphics programs, and have a legal copy of your own software if not using freeware. (GIMP, etc.)

–3d Artist:
I’m not a mainstream studio, I’m not looking for AAA-quality, but I will require a certain quality standard. Starting mass production of assets (various humanoid and animal skeletal meshes, items based off of SRD5e, and structural/environmental static meshes) will be first priority. After which, animation of skeletal meshes and textures/ materials will be created, and finally they can be brought to production quality.

Must have a legal license for your preferred software if not using freeware (Blender, etc.)
Ideally will also be familiar with the work flow involved in properly exporting to FBX format for import into UE4.

–Programmer (possibly)
Solid understanding of C++ necessary–previous experience before this course preferred. Understanding and familiarity with UE4 necessary. To clarify, understanding what’s taught in this course isn’t enough–problem solving how and when to implement what’s taught in a completely unrelated scenario is necessary. For example, understanding what a line trace is, is not enough. Being able to determine how and when to do it in unique scenarios is required.
A solid understanding of pointers, O.O.P., encapsulation, abstraction, etc. Are all necessary.

With all the above positions, you may be required to sign a Rights Assignment Agreement. In case you leave partway through the project, this will allow the project to retain all rights to content created for its usage.

Should you show proper aptitude, attitude, and interest in long-term support, we may also consider an agreement guaranteeing you a percentage of profits made when/if we commercially market The Hero Saga.

Lastly, I’m feeling out interest in a voluntary position:
Temporary position. Looking for someone to possibly write story lines for a small series of official campaigns, each 1-2 hours in length. Must have familiarity with the SRD5e rules, and be free of any references to the established D&D universe.

If interested, please contact me at admin@theherosaga.com.

Thank you!


I felt you all might prefer to actually see a small demonstration of what I’ve got going on right now. Note: Everything I’m doing in this video is done in mid-play, showing a small amount of the customization that will be achievable by the GM.

Demonstration Video


Still looking for people to join the team! If you’re interested, reach out to us at admin@theherosaga.com, or at Facebook.com/theherosaga or Twitter at @TheHeroSagaTeam

Looking for 3d artists with understanding of texturing and/or animating, 2d artists, and programmers with prior experience in C++ and good grasp on OOP principles, and an understanding of UE4 tools, including widgets, savegame objects, navmeshes and path finding, behavior trees and AI.

The Hero Saga is based on tabletop RPG rules, so interest with DnD or other pencil and paper RPGs is preferred.

Sounds like a very interesting game concept here. I’ve considered one day building something like this, but was more the Pathfinder system, but that’s more because of personal preference on that end.

However, I certainly do love the idea of this and wish you all the luck in your future. Sadly I don’t have any of the skills that might be required (apart from maybe the writing, but I don’t know anything about the 5e universe) but I do have ideas I’ve wanted to use for homebrew situations if you want me to submit these.

Also here’s something you may not have thought of, I suggest somekind of advanced content filter for those who might not have a GM, but are looking for a GM and want to say, play a evil campaign with no-holds-bar rating and you can quite literilly be so evil, if it were a movie it’d be an 18 and possibly banned in several countries.

Also many people will NOT be looking for that so it can help them out rather than finding out the hard way and the GM can set allowances for races, gold and such for cases of if the GM wants say, a all human campaign or a low-magic campaign or a world where magic is VERY common, but resources are scarce and for the GM to have great customisation over it all.

A game to look at to get ideas of how you can improve upon the idea would be this one: http://store.steampowered.com/app/325600/?snr=1_7_7_151_150_1 the DM mode was cool, but it seems on there no one plays it for whatever reason (which could use some research) however all these things I’ve mentioned it certainly going to make the game you are thinking of making one hell of a huge project, but if you are set on it then you have my support.

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