Looking for people to create a project from scratch

Hey guys I want to create a project from scratch, I want to gather a small team of people like 8 or a bit more, you don’t need to be an expert if you have completed the courses or have some experience on your own you are more than welcome.

The idea is get to meet each other, learn our capabilities and grow from there while we develop a game. We would have several meetings and such on the program of choice discord teamspeak and so on making decisions about the design of the game and also we would use programs like source tree to commit the assets and other things.

So I wanted to talk now about the idea that have in mind, keep in mind that this might change since at the momment of writting is just an idea.

I wanted to make a close enviroment multiplayer game, where there’s two team one are the prisoners and the other team is the guards, sound simple enough well it has a twist, the characters are made of different material like goo, rock and soo on, the idea of the gameplay is to coop with as much prisoners as you like and each one of them can access different areas or get different items, for instance the guy made of goo could slide on the vents or stretch his arms to get the keys of a guard. So that’s the idea obiously needs a lot of work but I thought giving you perspective could help you decide.

So if you want to test what you are capable of, or you just want to make a game please contact me on discord or the dev tv forums, thank you for your time.

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Can I Join Your Team? I’m Not That Good, I Just Started 2 Months Ago But I Am Pretty Lonely And Want To Help Others. I Am More Of A Helper Guy Than An Independent Guy. Also I Cannot Voice Chat Due To Me Not Having A Microphone.

Hey Man, thanks for the response, I would rather have you microphone since it’s easier to communicate that way to express ideas

I’ll try to get one. Sorry for the trouble

I also with you .

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