Looking for Help Integrating the A* Pathfinder Project Asset

I have attempted to do just that; integrate the A* Pathfinder Project into this course. Most of the logic was easily copied, pasted, then modified. The resultant movement and pathfinding was far above expectation (I had ponied up for pro version after getting a LITTLE cozier with it). “Go big or go broke trying.”

My still unsatisfactory core knowledge limits my problem solving. Since importing the package, I can no longer detect the unit’s colliders at run time. All else is going just ducky. Snappy Movement, Great Collision Detection, Animations dancing through a maze of Blend Trees… No stress tests yet.

I know that Mr. Monkey boasts about this asset (I was stoked, I previously had shelved the product it due to the research fatigue it induced.) But, Nay! Again, I am deflated. It is still very difficult to find any online solutions to common problems like, I assume, this would be. I haven’t heard too many complaints about this asset, but those people who work with it are being very secretive with their A*, Jedi trickery.

I hoped he may steer myself and others onto a path that helps an intermediate better understand the API.

Unfortunately, I don’t have this particular asset. Hopefully @CodeMonkey will have some insight.

I have found something promising. The Forum was so obvious to find that I cast my net everywhere but toward it…

Support Forum (arongranberg.com).

Kinda duh. :)~

Any-hoo, there are many links to resources and tutorials that apply to ALL A* pathfinding logic, beyond what is related to the A* Pathfinding Project.

I really IS a wonderful toy. If I can figure out as much on my own as I have; Than I say that more competent hands could really develop superior Move / AI / Vehicular Locomotion systems. I would still love any help Hugo, our yourself are willing of offer people like myself (considering that it was the first product reviewed in the CodeMonkey asset review video series)

And, personally: Thank you Mr. Trotter for taking the time to read and reply. Its uncommon to have Dev Support so attentive. It is heartening. That is another reason why I strongly recommend the GameDev courses for anyone wants to actually do something with their “It’s SO Easy! No programming Required!” Unity-Lego set.

Yikes, should have spotted that!

Of that, I have no doubt. My tendency is to write my own A* implementations that fit the situation, so I haven’t wanted to put down the $$. If it pops up in a bundle of some sort, I may grab it.

I chuckle at that, because it really is easy… as long as everything you want to do has already been done by Unity’s engineers.

What I love, working here, is that our goal isn’t just to have you follow the tutorial and then be done. We hope that by the end of each course, you’ll be taking away tools that you can use in other projects, putting things we’ve taught together, and coming up with your own ideas.

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