Looking for Feedback! Eternal Seas: A Story-Driven Pirate RPG (Demo)

Hey everyone! For the past 1.5 years I have been working together with a friend of mine on “Eternal Seas”; a narrative-driven pirate game with RPG elements. The demo is out now, and can be downloaded and played here . We primarily made it to boost our game development skills, so if you have any feedback and/or find any bugs please leave a comment here or on our itch page!

With this demo, we are trying to get a rough indication of how the game is experienced, and if there is a market for this kind of game. To help you out with formulating feedback:

  • First Impressions

  • [Story]: Did you feel connected to any of the characters? Were you interested in the continuation of the story?

  • [Exploration]: Did you feel that it was a rich experience? Did you feel that you could explore things?

  • [Combat]: Was the sword/gun play satisfying? How difficult was the combat?

  • [Naval]: Did you enjoy sailing?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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There is a market for pirate rpg! I’m the market! Okay, seriously though - I haven’t played much of it yet, but right off the bat, first impressions:
The art is very inviting, the low-poly style looks really nice. I may be biased cause I love pirates, but I think the demo is really good. The voices and music feel a bit underwhelming, the way the characters speak doesn’t match the text, personality and emotions, could be more expressive and dramatic and interesting, maybe facial expressions too?
I also noticed a few typos, but that’s just a minor thing. All in all, I’m definitely impressed!

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