Looking for concept artists to join established team

Hi Guys,

I have posted here before, link to my previous post that got a good amount of interest:
Looking for like-minded people for a game project

We have worked for almost a year together now, with ups and downs. Lots of people came to the team, and lots fizzled out. Now we are at a stage where we need to fill some crucial gaps in our skill set, as family matters and health issues forced our only two concept artists to reluctantly take a break.

For us to be able to continue with the work we need at least one person who will help us visualise our ideas and make them look coherent before 3D modellers start on it.

If you are a concept artist and you are interested in joining an interesting and funny group of people then do get back to me here. We have (or had) people of all ages working for us, so there is no upper or lower limit - everyone is welcome as long as you are serious about your work and honest about your involvement.

Also if there are any ladies reading this, please do not hesitate to contact me - we desperately need a female perspective in the whole game design and so far we were unsuccessful in recruiting any ladies to the team.

With all that said, if you are not a concept artist but you have a skill that you think would be beneficial to the team, drop me a line here and will get back to you too.


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