Looking for a 2D Artist for Small Block Breaker Spin Off Game


My name is Brandon. I am an experienced programmer, project manager, and designer who will be applying for graduate school later this year. I am looking for collaborators for a simple portfolio piece I’m putting together.

I have a simple Block Breaker game put together (from the Udemy tutorial - hosted on GitLab), but want to turn it into something more original. I am mainly looking to collaborate with a 2D Artist who has experience making run animations and other sprite sheets. Very few assets will need to be made:

Block Spritesheet
Player Spritesheet
Ball Spritesheet
Title Screen Background
Level Backgrounds
Potentially a Minimal IU Spritesheet

I want to have the game start off with a tiny sorcerer on the bottom of the screen who conjures a magic orb, which the player can throw upward to start the game. After the orb is thrown, the sorcerer conjures a flat paddle above his head, which he uses to bounce the ball back up to break the bricks. I have a clear vision of what I’d like to create, I am more than willing to discuss the details with you!

I am only looking for serious people to collaborate with. I want to have this project finished by August. After completion, I’d like to work on creating a gameplay demo releasing it as a free game for web, Steam Green Light, and potentially Android.

If you’re an interested 2D artist, please send me some examples of your style and lets work together!

If you are not a 2D artist, but would like to contribute to this project to expand your own portfolio, please feel free to contact me so we can help each other accomplish mutual goals!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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