Look out android, Enter: Big Man

Interesting turn of events! Enter… BIG MAN. How will our hero manage!?

(Nevermind the default cube photobombing on his way out. Like, just get your own BBQ Sauce dude lol)

I’m actually a little ahead of this in the course, but I thought this was a fun render.
Big Man is actually rigged, but android is not. (not yet at least) You can tell big man is rigged by the ever so slightly downward head tilt in this render.

Edit: Goodness me. It appears that I have completely and totally lied in this post. There is NO ever so slightly downward head tilt on Big Man. I apologize for this complete and total fabrication. Rest assured. The man who is big is indeed quite rigged.

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Android looks overmatched! Nice group of course models.

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