LOD A building pieces and house

I started a new, much smaller house project, which I have been slowly working on. I created new basic pieces for it and made them very chunky. One reason for this was that I don’t personally really care for thin walls and I wanted this house to be very old. A barn/chapel conversion maybe, or something like that. The other was that fitting the pieces together was much easier that way.

All of my other pieces are modular but I constructed two roof pieces while in the scene. I did this, because I didn’t know what kind of roof I wanted when I started building.

I appended all of my pieces. I chose to do this, because I thought I might use the basic meshes again for something else. Had this been a group effort, I would have linked the original files and made them proxies. I might have considered making special pieces, like the bay window, local. I also realized that I do not have enough wall pieces, because I chose to give my building two floors. The wall is too short when the floor is added. I should have taller wall pieces for constructing upper floors as well. (I ended up not making them, because I am going to make my floors wooden and I thought that old houses often have visible beam structure. Not sure how this will work out but I guess that remains to be seen.)

Troubles I had: when testing with linked objects, I could not make any proxies meshes local. The link severing only worked on linked objects that were not made proxies. A proxy is like an image without any actual data of its own, isn’t that right? Is that why? But Mikey was able to do that in the lecture, so I don’t know why it didn’t work with my files. I could make texture and material local, which what I would do, if this were a group project, where everyone uses the same objects to build new houses.


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