Living Room project

I feel like a need a personal project to work on as I progress through the course, so I decided to try to recreate my living room. I started out with basic block models and hopefully as I get better I can come back and add more and more detail.

I tried adding a light so I could see how it renders, but this happens

I checked all the normals are facing out and I have moved the light source up and down at the closest corner to no avail. I am using the “sun” light source as I felt it was a good choice to light up the whole scene.


@Steve_Lebischak Later in the course you will be introduced to Cycles render which is PBR (physically based renderer) and thus more accurate. I would suggest you to watch some videos from the YouTube how to setup the lighting in Cycles and you will be impressed about the results compared to internal render. (Or just go through some lessons in this course).

Personally I wouldn’t bother much trying to fiddle with the internal renderer.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Jax

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