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Hey guys and girls, a week tomorrow we will be having our first livestream for the RPG Kickstarter (we’ll announce separately).

I want people to participate, and am deciding which platform to use. Which systems have you had good experiences with as a participant?

Examples include Twitch, Google Hangouts,, etc.


Twitch works very good :slight_smile:

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I livestreamed some Kerbal Space Program development on Twitch using OBS Studio, it worked well. OBS allows you to switch between different “cameras” or scenes much as a TV vision switcher does.

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Thanks, I love Twitch but it needs to be private for the Early Access backers.

Thanks @ninjachimp, do you know of a chroma key solution for OBS, doesn’t seem to built-in?

Personally, I’ve always used Google Hangouts when I wanted to have a personal streaming session with a few people. Though I’m not exactly sure how well it woks with a large group of people, for that Twitch seems like the best choice.

Seems to, (ive got 17.0.0), right click on the source (within the sources list on the main screen) right click and select filter.

when the filter screen comes up, you can right click in the whitespace and Add > ChromaKey

Never used that filter, just use it for screen capture really.

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That private/protected streaming+ chat is really a challenge.
As far as I know it’s possible to stream via YT per “invite only”, but the bottleneck is, that everyone needs a google-account.
This + a pw-protected-IRC-chat could work like twitch.

Didn’t expect that Kickstarter-Project is starting so soon.
Thanks for that.

Offtopic @ninjachimp : You are a Kerbal-Space-Program-Dev?! O.O

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Under events, it says you can select privacy options?

I’ve never streamed, and most of my stream watching takes place on Twitch, but twitch no longer does private streams.

lol no I was building a mod :slight_smile:

Might be a good use for Discord - can segment the rooms by supporter level.

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While I’m not currently included in this (I keep meaning to e-mail Ben about getting the early access) I will say I cannot use Twitch. Since it only allows you to adjust streaming quality if it’s a paid channel I can’t stream anything for more than about 20 seconds at a time (yes horrible internet connection here … 3Mb/s). Hangouts always worked for me when I needed it. I don’t think Discord does video.

Webinar Jam has cheesy sales videos, but is based on Hangouts and seems to do everything we need.

Thanks to @Rick_Davidson for the suggestion.

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@ben I know how much you like cheesy sales videos. :slight_smile:

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Twitch is OK but YouTube allows private streaming and offers FTL streaming so you can interact in real time with the audience without the 10-15 second delay.

That’s a pretty good question. Google Hangouts is good for streaming, but from personal experience I can say that it is more practical to use Twitch. It has more features and there is nothing complicated to configure, if anyone is interested, here you can quickly and easily figure out how to use it. In general, I would recommend Twitch for streaming.

Oh, I love them. At first I thought it was hard to endure, 2-3 hours of simple play. But it turned out to be very homemade. It’s like you’re communicating with a blogger, it’s really cool.

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