Live coding works consistently with this:

thanks @ VaughanM for discovering you must save before unreal will recognize changes made to VSC

After making changes in VSC you must:

  1. Run Build Task

  2. Save

  3. Compile in Unreal with Live Code

After you are done working in Unreal and have saved and quit, you must run Build Task again in VSC in order for changes made in Unreal to save the next time you open it. (as mentioned in this video.)

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do these steps still work for you?
As I am following these steps on Unreal 5.1.1 and I need to Live Recompile every time I reopen the engine

“After you are done working in Unreal and have saved and quit…”

  • This is something Unreal should improves, the live coding should not ask the developer to close the unreal editor then fresh build in VSCode, is not handy. It should behave like Unity serialize field working consistently without the need to close the main editor. I always encounter problem on VSCode at the second time compile then I have to close the Unreal editor so the VSCode can compile, this is “stupid” I would say, even I turned off the live code option, hopefully next version of UE solves this problem.

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