Live Coding re-examined

There’s another post about Should we use live coding or hot reloading. Spoiler, they say don’t do it. I just want to offer a counter. I’ve been using live coding through all the modules with only one crash, and that was 100% my fault. I modified member variables on a null pointer, IIRC. When it did crash, I fixed the code and recompiled with no issues.

I do want to point out a few things:
I’ve been a programmer for a while and hobbyist cpp, but this course, starting with Obstacle Assault, was the first time I’ve used UE code. Maybe I just haven’t had the issues yet.
I did update Visual Studio and MSVC through the VS launcher.
I’m using UE5.1. I think Live Coding was experimental in 5.0, not sure.
I also have a JetBrains account so I’m using the Rider IDE.

Maybe Rider is better, or maybe things got fixed in the last updates IDK. Beyond crashes, My intellisense and code completion is amazing compared to what I see in the videos. Hopefully someone else can chime in on if the updates help with either VSCode or Visual Studio or any other IDE like codeBlocks or something. I will continue using live coding unless things change.

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JetBrains Rider has been irreplaceable for me, especially while learning UE code.
It’s been built to link with UE (and handle large codebases) though it’s not free :frowning:

I also use Rider and have not had to type or copy/paste one single #include line.

All the waffle and looking up docs to find the include file becomes utterly irrelevant.

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